Tutorial: Wing Mirrors
A nice set of aerodynamic mirrors can really set off a car... here's how
 Wing Mirrors
Difficulty - **
Get rid of this ugly mirror....  
Get your ass onto www.google.com and image search for large image of some mirrors.. or look on the good old www.carandmodel.com!  Now select it and then copy and paste it onto the car they are to be fitted to.Hit Ctrl+T to transform and change the shape and size to suit.

I picked some Mercedes style ones, with the built in indicators.


You can see that original mirror is still showing.....

...... switch back to the background layer. Use the lasso tool to select the surrounding areas, copy paste and move them about to cover over the original mirror...

EG: The window rubber..(Copy/Paste then drag over the old mirror.) Hit Ctrl+E to blend the layer down.



In some cases you may have to replicate some form of reflection and/or shadows from the new mirror onto the bodywork.

Another problem may be the fact that the colour wont match. A simple way to colour match the mirror would be to use the Image>Adjust>Hue/Saturation feature. Adjust the sliders to get a fine colour match.

A common mistake: Don't forget about the other side!