Tutorial: Van Conversion
If you have a 3 door hatchback, its pretty easy to get it to look like a van. Here are the step by step details..
 Van Conversion
Difficulty - ***
This is a Honda Civic, about the right shape for some van action.

To do a van conversion, we basically have to carry on the paint from the sides of the car onto the windows to create a panel that voids where the glass used to be.

Ok, First, use the lasso tool and draw around the edge of the window, ensuring you leave a bit of a gap, as this will be the dark edges of the panel van.

Now, select a base colour for the panel. In this case, I'm gonna use the colour of the car. Using the pipette tool (I), select the colour next to the bottom left of the window.

Create a new layer, and fill in this lasso selection with that colour.

Looks ok, but a bit flat... So let add some highlights, and reflections.

Now, in this case, if you have a look on the original and you will see a difference in colours about half way up, this is lighting change, so lets do it on the panel!!

Select the area, pipette (I) the nearby lighter colour, and fill this with the airbrush.


OK, looking better now, may be a good idea to add some more detailing, exactly the same way as before.

On the top left of this civic window, there was a reflection from a tree, so I shall add this too.

Also, using the blur tool, just slightly blur out some of the rough edges of the panel.

It should look a bit like this.

Next, you need to fill in the other window on the other side. Use a very dark blue colour for this, or use the pippette (I) and select a colour from the interior.

Use the lasso tool and select the area.

......like this.....  
...and fill it in with the airbrush tool!