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Tinted Windows *****
This simple tutorials details the steps of adding a window tint to a car.

Last Update: 28th April 2015


STEP 1: Standard Mk7 VW Golf GTi, ready for tinted windows.  

STEP 2: We firstly need to create a new layer by pressing Shift+Ctrl+N and then clicking on the OK button.

Using the lasso tool (L), go around the very outer edges of the windows as per the image on the left. Do this by clicking on the corner of one of the windows and then repeat this in a full loop until the whole window is selected. Once you have returned to the original point selected, the selection will complete.

We now need to repeat the same step above, for the remaining window. This time however press the Ctrl key when you make the first selection to add to the existing selection of the first window.


STEP 3: Select the colour black and fill the selection using the Paint Bucket Tool (G). Press Ctrl+D to deselect the previously made selection.  

STEP 4: Using the layers box, reduce the opacity to a suitable level. A lower value opacity value will mean less window tint.  

STEP 5: That's it complete. You can use different colours in Step 3 for different colour tints.  
Top Tips: Don't forget to tint the windows on the other side. Use the path tool for making smoother selections in Step 2.