Tutorial: Adding Snow or Rain
Add that seasonal glow to your digimods!
Snow / Rain
Difficulty - *
Open the car you want to add snow to.



Create a new layer.

Fill it with black, now go to filter>noise>add noise

Amount = 70, gaussian and monochromatic

Next, go to filter>blur>gaussian blur

Radius = 1.5 pixels


Now, go to image>adjustments>levels (or press control + L)

Channel = rgb

Input levels = 90, 1.00, 120

Output levels = 0, 255

Set the 'snow' layer's blending mode to 'screen' (this is done on the small layers box in the bottom right hand corner).

If you want it to be more intense, then duplicate the layer again.


If you want it to be a bit rainy, then go to Filter>Blur>Motion Blur. On that menu, you can adjust the angle and speed of rain.