Tutorial: Mirror Window Tints
Quite hard this one, and it only appears to work with certain pictures :( but if you get it right and get it on the right car, the results are pretty amazing.
 Mirror Tints
Difficulty - ****
Fiat Seicento, normally driven by the cooler people of society ;);) needs mirror tints!!  
Grab the lasso tool (L) and draw it very loosely around the window areas. Then Copy (Ctrl+C) and then paste (Ctrl+V) to create a duplicate of the area you have selected.  

Now... here's the complicated bit.. well it isn't too bad... see for yourself.

Have a looksie on the right hand side dialogue boxes, and the second one down has three tabs - Colour, Swatches and Styles. HOPEFULLY the top right style will be "chiselled sky", if it isn't.. click on the arrow in the small circle to the right hand side of the style tab. Then open the "text effects" styles.

Once this is open, drag that style over to the picture... much like the arrow in the left hand picture.


We got through that one ok didn't we? So lets move on. As you can see we have a bevelled edge on that layer that we don't want :( ... So to get rid of that, follow the instructions in the left hand picture, by dragging the "Bevel and Emboss" filter into the dustbin / trash can... :S  

Okay... now you just have to lower the opacity until your happy with how it looks. Not too light and not too dark please!

(If your wondering how to lower the opacity, fear not, just look at the picture in the above step and you'll see it!!)



Last step now, this involves cutting out and deleting the parts not needed. You DON'T want mirrored seals now do you??

This process is piss easy, just grab the good old lasso tool (L) run around the areas not wanted and then hit the delete key.

And that my good friend is the completed article! Just needs a decent paint job now!