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Head Up Display *****
The cars of the future will use this technology, so why not create the look now on your virtual car. The task is pretty easy, and very effective.

Last Update: 28th April 2015


STEP 1: This is a Renault Megane, ready for the HUD.  

STEP 2: Using Google image search, search for large image of a set of lit up speedometer clocks / rev counters.

Look for:
- Speedo Night
- Clocks Night
- Dash Night...... Etc Etc..

Copy it off the Internet Explorer, and paste it on the car image.

STEP 3: Hit Ctrl+T and use the grab handles to flip it, and then skew and change the shape of it to fit in with the windscreen...  

STEP 4: OK.. head for the layers box.. Ok, go down the list and pick the layer setting: Screen.  

STEP 5: It should look a bit like this. Looks good on darker window screens and night time scenes.

STEP 6: As seen on my Opel Astra..