Tutorial: Headlight Transplant
Big effect this one, and it is quite simple too!
Headlight Transplant
Difficulty - ***
206 light... real nice.. but it has to go in this tutorial!  
Ooooh... that 3 Series light would fit lovely.  

Lasso around it like on the left and then copy it.  

Then Paste it on to the car that is been modified.  

Then use my bodykit tutorial to get a good colour match. And then rub out and blend in the light using the Eraser tool (E).

You'll notice that some of the old light is showing through. SO to rectifiy this we need to go about cover it. The best way to do this is to use the badboy tutorial.

As you can see.. the light is now blended in well. To make it blend in better I would suggest a colour change.