Tutorial: Eyebrows
Eyebrows are a worthy addition to any car. They make it look mean/sleepy whatever you like! They are quite easy to do too, all you have to do is decide on what shape you want them to be!
Difficulty - **
Audi A3. This shows the light before any modifications.  
Now we need to create a new layer. This is basically another "see through" film that we can draw on/remove at any time. This is done by pressing the following key combination: Shift+Ctrl+N.
The lasso tool (L) should then be selected and the shape of the eyebrow you want drawn over the light (as shown opposite). Remember to leave out the black panel gaps between the lights and the bodywork. This acts like masking tape so we can fill in the area with the airbrush.

Using the pipette (I) suck up the colours around the eyebrow and begin airbrushing (B) in the appropriate colours  

Hmm.. looking okay now. I like to add a bit of noise to it, by going to Filter>noise>add noise, so that it matches the quality of the picture.  

Rightyho, just a case of adding a single black line to the underneath of the eyebrow using the one pixel line tool (see here to find out how to select and use it). And there! We are complete :)