Tutorial: Nu-Custom style flames
Easy to make flames, that look like you spent hours on!
 Nu-Custom Flames
Difficulty - *****
A digimoded Infiniti G35 in need of some serious flaming action!  
Download this file >HERE< (right click and save as) then open it up in Photoshop. It SHOULD look like the image on the left ;)  
Then lasso one of the flames and copy and paste it onto the car image!



Then hit Ctrl+T so that you can than transform it, flip it, skew it etc etc to the suit the side of the car.  
Then go to the box in the bottom right hand corner. Right click the layer and go to blending options.  
This allows you to be able to add filters to it, such as a gradient overlay to cover the white and black of the original.  
Here is my mad design..  
All I needed to do was lower the opacity of the flame and its complete =D