Tutorial: Colour Change
This colour change section shows you how to achieve a colour change.. its not the most realistic, but one of the easiest!
 Plain Colour Change
Difficulty - *

Standard colour is pretty boring huh? Let try and make it a little prettier..


Go to the layers box in the bottom right of the screen. And right click the main bodywork layer. Then hit "Duplicate layer.."

Click OK then a new layer is created!

Then press CTRL+SHIFT+U this removes colour from the picture.

Then go to Image > Adjust > Variations and pick what colour you want by clicking the colours

TIP: Don't add too much colour to it.. otherwise it'll end up looking like it's being exposed to Nuclear radiation... Keep the colours more pastel.


The car should now look like this.

TIP: why not lower the opacity of this layer to about 90% to allow the natural reflections from the original paint to shine back through..


At this point you should select the Lasso tool (L) and begin selecting parts that shouldn't be coloured and then hitting the delete key. Carry on doing this until only the cars body work is coloured.


You're DONE! =D Funky Paint job!