Tutorial: Chrome Paint
Added bling, with this simple paint tutorial. Works on dark coloured cars only!!
 Chrome Paint
Difficulty - ***

Grab your dark coloured car.  
Create a new layer, by pressing Ctrl+Shift+N, and fill it with the colour white!  
Go to the layers box and select overlay on the layer properties menu.  

The car with re-appear.. but now as a chrome colour!!! =D


You now need to delete the areas that you don't want to be chrome. You do this with the use of the lasso tool (L) and the delete key.


Don't forget to merge the layers if you want to! You can do this with the use of Ctrl+Shift+E key combination....

........But before you merge the layers.. you could use the eraser tool (found by hitting the E button) and create some crazy patterns by rubbing out the bits you don't want.... The options are endless!

To do stripes or boxes even.. you can follow the steps in the box above. Using the lasso tool you can easily select and delete areas.

Chrome bonnets instead of carbon fibre? Your choice! Try it yourself.