Tutorial: Car Graphics
Adding text to the side of cars isn't as easy as you think to get looking right.... There are many things to think about such as the perspective of the text and the changing lightness of the graphic as it moves over the bodywork.
 Car Graphics
Difficulty - **

This side will show up the graphic affects really well due to the fact it has many different light variations.  
Add text to the car in any colour by pressing T and then clicking on the picture you want to add the text. Once you've done click the small arrow on the top menu bar.  
Right click the layer in the layers box, and "Rasterize Layer" This allows you to transform the text to the required size and shape.  

OK... where we just clicked to rasterize the layer, hold down the ctrl key and click it once.

Now delete the text layer by clicking the dustbin on the layers menu. Now we need to adjust the colour of the paintwork where the graphic is. Go to Ctrl+U to do this. Slide the sliders until the colour you want appears.


Hit Ctrl+D to deselect the.. urm.. selection.

Complete =D

Go get a cup of tea and rest.