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Burn Out
A simple way to make you car look like it's moving, and smoking at the same time! This tutorial uses some of the still to motion tutorial!

Last Update: 28th April 2015


STEP 1: The car you want to set in motion really should have a driver in it! If not it looks rather stupid.  

STEP 2: Now, zoom in on the front wheel and use the lasso tool (L) and slowly go around it  

STEP 3: Then head for Filter>Blur>Radial Blur.

It'll need to be on the "spin" setting and you'll have to adjust the amount by how fast you want the car to be going.

I set mine at about 40.

Then repeat the same steps for the rear wheel.


STEP 4: Now, the wheels are moving, but the car isn't.  

STEP 5: Use the lasso tool (L) and select the area as shown.

Then hit Ctrl+Shift+I... this inverses the selection.

Then go to Filter>Blur>Motion Blur. From this, you can figure out how to do it yourself!! You can adjust the intensity of the filter (IE: how fast the cars going) and the angle.


STEP 6: Follow the same steps above on each of the portions of the window (ensuring its the same intensity and angle)..  

STEP 7: Now.. you must decide which wheel you want to have smoke coming from.

As this is a front wheel drive car, we want to smoke the fronts.

In this case, you should reselect the front wheel again, and add slightly more radial blur!

STEP 8: Now's the time to generate some virtual smoke!!

Go to the palette box on the left hand side. Double click the front box, and select a grey colour. Double click the rear box and select white.

STEP 9: Create a new layer (Ctrl+Shift+N) and then go to Filter > Render > Clouds
STEP 10: Lower the opacity to around 60%  
STEP 11: Grab the eraser tool (E) and rub out the areas that aren't necessarily needed.