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Bodykits - Bumper
The old favourite. To be honest this can actually be very difficult! Try to ensure you find good donors cars, this makes it a lot easier for you in the long run. That little bit of searching can easily pay off in the long run. Make sure kits are almost EXACTLY the same angle as it will NOT look right. Also it helps if the kit to be transferred over is the the shame kind of contrast/brightness/colour, but this isn't too necessarily too important.

Last Update: 24th April 2015


STEP 1: This is a rather nice Honda S2000, ready for some body kit treatment.  

STEP 2: Now, find yourself a donor image.. Hunt around on the internet (but don't steal from Digimods!) and find a picture of a car, at the same angle! Then use the Polygon lasso tool and go around the edges of the bodykit as shown. Then Copy (Ctrl+C) and then Paste (Ctrl+V) the new bodykit onto the car.  

STEP 3: Hit Ctrl+T and use the grab handles to flip it, and then skew and change the shape of it to fit in with the car.  

STEP 4: It should look something like this! Hit enter once you are happy with the transformation.  

STEP 5: Click on the Eraser tool, and begin to rub out the tops of the bumper, so that it blends in nicely with the old one.  

STEP 6: Now, begin to select the vents in the bumper with the lasso tool. Once you have slected the first one, hold the Shift key, and begin to select the next vent. Holding the Shift key allows you to ADD to the selection.

Then press: CTRL+SHIFT+I to inverse the selection you have made.

Add some colour, using the Image>adjust>Variations.. method.. A bit of blue her is all that's required. I then like to fine tune the colour using the image>adjust>hue/saturation feature.. Just have a play wound until the colour looks a perfect match.


STEP 7: Complete.

Hit Ctrl+D to deselect the selections.

The same technique can be adopted for the rear bumper.

Now time to fit some skirts!