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Bad Boy Bonnet
This simple modification will extend the bonnet over the standard lights. This goes some way to achieve a meaner, more purposeful look, on otherwise boring standard square lights.

Last Update: 24th April 2015


STEP 1: Standard light on a Fiat Cinquecento - ready for a "bad boy" bonnet.  

STEP 2: First thing to do is to use the lasso tool and trace the layout of the desired bad boy. See the image to the left for reference as to what I mean here. Have opted for a simple straight eyebrow style.  

STEP 3: Once you are happy, click on the lasso tool (if you aren't on it already) and then drag the selection across to the paintwork as shown. (You drag by holding the left mouse button down in the middle of the selection and then dragging it across).

Ensuring that you are on the bodywork layer - hit Ctrl+C and then Ctrl+V. This will copy and paste the selection you have made into another layer. Using the Move tool, click and drag the new layer over the top of the light.


STEP 4: Once you are happy with it's position, it is now time to flatten the layers the usual way. Hit Ctrl+E to do this or Ctrl+Shit+E if you want to flatten all of your layers.

It is now starting to take shape - but would look more realistic with a shadow below the badboy.


STEP 5: Ok then, time to grab the lasso tool and create a selection, just like the one on the image to the left. The selection created will be the shape and size of your shadow, so bear this in mind when making your selection.

After you have done that - image>adjust>brightness/contrast.

Using this dialogue box, lower the brightness.. this will mimic the shadow that we require.


STEP 6: Almost done now... hit Ctrl+D to deselect.

For increased realism, I then made a new layer, and with the line tool set at 1px and at around 25% opacity, drew a white line on the lower edge of the bonnet line. This acts as a highlight on the bonnet edge. A lowlight, if required, can be created with the use of a black line.

Again, hit Ctrl+E or Ctrl+Shit+E to flatten the above layer you have created.


STEP 7: There we go, complete! I finished off the look by shaving off the Fiat badge.

Don't forget to repeat the above steps for the other side.....