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Here are the answers to the most popular questions I get from visitors.

Last Update: 01st May 2015


Can you put my car on Digimods please?
As much as I'd love to feature other people's cars on Digimods, I really can't due to Bandwidth increase on my hosting account. The solution to this, and if you really want to show the world your creations, the Facebook page is a great place to start.

Which version of Photoshop is best?
As with most things, the newest version will always be the best. I personally use Photoshop 7.0, but its all dependant on what you can afford.

Can you use any any other graphics programs to do this?
I'm not saying you can't as a lot of people use Paint shop Pro to do Digimods. There are several other cheap graphics programs that you can use, but I have no experience other than with Photoshop, so I wont be able to offer you help or advice on how to use them! The Digimods Tutorials are specifically written for use with Photoshop.. and to my knowledge cant really be adapted healthily for use with other programs.

When I go to copy a selection, it comes up with "Could not complete the copy command because the selected area is empty". Why is this?
This is due to the fact that you are trying to copy something that isn't on the layer you are currently on. You can try clicking on a layer behind, or you can flatten all your layers by hitting Ctrl+Shift+E.

If this FAQ section has still been of no help, AND if the tutorial section is the same then please Email me.