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  Services by Digimods

Digimods is owned by Pete from England, a 29 year old avid car fan and Photoshop user. The Digimods site has been around in several guises since 1999 and it has slowly evolved to what it is today.

Pete has carried out freelance car design work for numerous notable car manufacturers, advertising agencies, private companies, magazine and newspapers. This work has included full car designs, car enhancements, car graphics/paint jobs etc.

Pete is professional, approachable and affordable. Please contact him today to find out what he can do for you: pete@digimods.co.uk


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Digimods has been featured in The New York Times, Redline, Max Power, Revs, Auto Week, VMax, Sport Compact National, The Observer, Performance Ford, Performance BMW, Banzai, Konig, GR8 Street Performance, Import Racer, Autotuning, Piston Heads, Autoblog, The Garage & MOT Professional and Total Vauxhall magazine. Designer of the Volvo XC70 All Terrain Concept