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Suzuki Swift
Volvo S60
Mazda 3
Mazda 3
Mercedes GLA
Honda Civic
Suzuki Ignis
Toyota GT86
Seat Leon Pickup
BMW Mini
The engine has moved to the rear, and a full body kit added. This one is mad!
Nissan Micra
Full body kit for this mad looking Micra, wheels taken from a 911 race car.
BMW 3 Series Pick Up
Retro E30, converted into a pickup and slammed over deep dish alloy wheels.
Renault Megane
New shape Megane, with a rally inspired body kit, full race interior and retro spot lights.
Honda City
Retro Honda, fitted with a black bodykit, front intercooler and alloy wheels from an Infinity.
Mustard M4, dropped over some deep dish wheels.
Lada Niva 4x4
The 4x4 look has been exchanged for a smoothed body, dropped over some deep dish wheels.
Nissan Quashqai
Wild changes to this one.... roof box included.
Audi A5
New shape A5, dropped over some deep dish wheels. Subtle body kit added.
VW Beetle
Smooth yellow Beetle, dropped over some big wheels.
Volvo V70
Very wide wheel arches, banded steel wheels and crazy body kit complete the look.
Renault Clio
Wide track ready body kit, huge wheels and Gulf inspired paintwork.
Audi A8
A true black edition. All chrome detailing removed, subtle body kit and black wheels added.
Mercedes GLA
Raised over huge wheels and suspension - this GLA now has REAL off road potential.
Peugeot 308 GT Line
Very wide arches, Porsche wheels and red detailing set this Pug out from the rest.
Audi A1
Subtle body kit, dropped over blue wheels.
VW Golf Estate
Smoothed bodywork, slammed over nice big wheels.
Subaru Impreza
Wide wheel arches, huge diffuser and blue alloy wheels.
Hyundai Veloster
Orange and black theme on this Hyundai, very pleased with the outcome.
Renault Megane
Very wide body kit and fantastic BBS alloy wheels, I think this Megane looks the business.
Volvo V40
Another time attack style for this V40, little bit different from the usual, but think the result is good.
Volvo S60
Time attack style for this S60 - I've converted from a saloon to a coupe and added a large boy kit.
Volvo V40
Wide arches, body kit, full race interior, roof box and spot lights complete the look.
Nissan Micra
One of my favourites - slammed over deep dish steel wheels with bolt on wheel arches. I've opted for retro Nissan colours.
Mazda MX-5
New shape MX-5 subject to a subtle body kit and black bolt on wheel arches... Father Christmas loves it.
Mini Cooper S
Race style theme for this Mini Cooper S - huge front spoiler and deep dish wheels.
Volkswagen Golf
Clubsport GTi Golf slammed over some fantastic fifteen52 wheels with a subtle bodykit and smoothed bodywork.
Vauxhall Astra
Huge body kit and slammed over big wheels.
Nissan Juke
Some crazy changes to this Juke to make it into a race car. Vents hint at a rear mounted engine.
Mazda 2
New shape Mazda 2, subject to the usual... finished in a blue and black theme.
Toyota GT86 Hatchback Modified
I have modified the GT86 hatchback that I created below, by lowering over some deep dish wheels and addition of a bodykit.
Toyota GT86 Hatchback
Here, I have taken a Toyota GT86 and converted it into a hatchback.
Saab 99
Old retro Saab, lowered over cambered wheels and fitted with wide arches.
Shelby Mustang (with stripes)
As below, with blue Shelby stripes.
Shelby Mustang
The new Mustang, modified with a full bodykit and some wild deep dish alloy wheels.
Nissan 300zx illustration
Retro Nissan illustrated in a cartoon style.

VW Golf MK 2
Subtle changes to this one. Missing bumper shows off a large intercooler.

VW Golf Mk 1 and 3
Group photo of the below two Golfs.

VW Golf MK 3
Retro wide arch bodykit and lowered over deep dish wheels.

VW Golf Mk 1
Retro wide arch bodykit and lowered over deep dish wheels.

Vauxhall Corsa
This started out life as a van, but is now a three door hatchback.

BMW 2 Series
Subtle bodywork modifications on this convertible, with some in your face wheels.

Skoda Superb
Simple modifications here - this Superb has been converted to a German police car.

Ford F150 Raptor
This F150 was dropped on the floor over some huge wheels.

Mazda 3
Some substantial changes to this Mazda, full bodykit, three door conversion and huge alloys.

Volkwagen Golf Sant-R
Christmas themed Golf - complete with room for presents and Rudolph nose.
Kia Soul
Small changes to this Kia Soul - bodykit, smoothing and wheels.
Mini Cooper S 5 door
Lowered over sticky out wheels, wider wheel arches and a daring body kit.
Volkswagen Scirocco
Slammed over some very large alloy wheels with subtle bodywork revisions.
Honda CRZ
Slightly unusual bodykit on this one - taken from the Nismo 370z
Renault Laguna Coupe
Very subtle changes to this Laguna - I've added a subtle body kit and wheels.
2014 Volkswagen Polo
Very subtle changes to this new Polo - small wheels and subtle body kit.
Vauxhall ADAM
I have lowered this Vauxhall ADAM to the floor and added a subtle bodykit.
Kia Cadenza
Just a few changes to this Kia, I have extended it and converted it to a limo.
Dacia Sandero
This budget Sandero has had some extensive work to bring it up to trend.
Toyota Yaris
Very subtle changes to this Yaris, slammed over black wheels with a minor body kit.
Ford Focus
This one is a bit crazy, with bumble bee paintwork and large wheels arches!
Ford Laser
This one is from the 80's, I've modified it in a retro style..
Renault Clio
This new 2012 Clio has had a subtle bodykit fitted and lowered over great wheels.
Volkswagen Golf
I have tried to stance this Golf over large wheels and a subtle bodykit. over great wheels.
Mazda 2 
This Mazda has been lowered over black wheels with a subtle body kit.
Nissan Micra
Full race inspired body kit. wider arches and lowered over come fantastic alloy wheels.
Infiniti G Sedan
I have taken this sedan and converted it into an Estate car with body kit
Vauxhall Corsa
Lowered over Rolls Royce alloys, carrying a surfboard and towing a 'van.
Nissan 370z
The new Nissan 370z modified to look like a race car, in the usual black/red theme.
Nissan NV200 & Leaf
The two cars from below put into a pit lane race track scene.
Nissan Leaf
Another Nissan, the all electric Leaf has been made in a racing car with wide arches.
Nissan NV200
This all electric NV200 has had several large modifications.
Nissan Pathfinder
This bulky Pathfinder has been slammed over huge wheels and smoothed.
Volkswagen Polo
Smoothed and lowered over Euro style alloy wheels. Subtle body kit additions.
Audi A4
Finally got round to modifying my own car. Tried to be as subtle as possible.
Subaru Impreza
Three door, wide body, rear engine conversion
Volkswagen Golf
Smoothed and lowered over Euro style alloy wheels
Nissan Maxima Coupe
Stretched and skewed and converted to a coupe
Volkswagen Passat
Smoothed and slammed over Bentley wheels
Suzuki Surf
A beach inspired concept here, complete with surfboards
Volkswagen Golf
A futuristic style here, with a contemporary body kit and wheels
Alfa Romeo 147
Race inspired wheels, white paint, big exhausts and body kit
Fiat 500
Japanese race inspired, complete with steel wheels and clean paint
Fiat 500
Jacked up, wider arches, cool paint and a token surf board
Kia Spectre
Race car inspired bodykit, lots of smoothing, and MG lights
Audi R8 DTM
Modified to look like a DTM race car without the sponsorship graphics
Peugeot 307cc
Modified to look futuristic, complete with large air intakes and in car entertainment
Mini  Cooper Pick Up
Heavily modified to have a pick up body, large chrome wheels and sound system
Volkswagen Polo
OEM+ styling here, with very subtle widened arches and tinted headlights
Renault Clio
Modified in a rally car style, complete with wide arches and roll cage
Saab 9-3
Large body kit, chrome wheels, chrome roll bar and surf styling
Subaru Impreza

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